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Somebody is startled! “Parker” pointed to this ghost football, many people like to play the show over.

Paul Parker, former Manchester United football team in the Premier League Believe that the current Red Devils army There are many players who like to play in a way that shows too much, making the game look unfortunately inefficient.

“Speaking and may offend ghost fans. But have to admit that the star players of Manchester United at this time, no one form at all. Which, following the crowd of 7 points since the beginning of the season, is the most obvious proof, “Parker said.

“As you can see, Daniel James is the only person who plays and works without worrying about himself, whether it be a defensive stroke or a goal. But other people besides him, I had to fail all the exams This is the first time that Manchester United has had problems in all areas on the field from attacking, midfield, defensive. Don’t blame the strikers for the sharp end. Because just creating แทงบอลไม่มีขั้นต่ำ the opportunity to do it in the final area is already hard to swallow. “

“There are many players in this team trying to show over. Playing as if to cast a spell in order to summon a funny voice from the fans Regardless of whether it is purely for yourself, but sorry. When you are not good enough to do something simple to emphasize efficiency first, isn’t it? “