The form has not yet reached Liverpool, rivaling Sporting 2-2.

The last 3 warm-up matches, Liverpool still show no form. After only being able to tie with Sporting Lisbon at 2-2 goals Liverpool lost two games in a row for the third game from the warm-up match on Thursday, with Andy Robertson, Fergilan van Dyke, Jordan Henderson and Dewey. Orici is the core, hoping to win some But finishing the game can only be done with maximum results

Open the game for only 4 minutes. Sporting Lisbon got the first goal. By Veldell to Bruno Fernandez on the left to shoot the ball straight into the goalkeeper Sim Mignolet, but missed the ball 1-0 to go unfortunately.
         Liverpool responded with a corner kick from James Milner in the middle of the match, but did not pass by Reno Ribeiro in Sporting Lisbon.
         Liverpool is getting harder. Able to follow an equalizer in the 20th minute, with Andy Robertson scooping the ball to Jordan Henderson, tackling with Reverend Ribeiro, but Dewook Orici repeated his goal. 1-1 draw
         The 28th minute Liverpool got a golden opportunity after James Milner opened the ball from the right deep into the left penalty area. Andy Robertson got the ball without framing.
         Sporting Lisbon got a chance from the corner of the 35th minute. Bruno Fernandez opened up to Tiago Ilory tackles the ball out of the box. The first half ended still 1-1.
         The 44th minute, the Reds surpassed Alex Oxlade Chambly, paying the ball through the box above, giving Georgin Yoin to take the ball into the frame before shooting with the right to tilt the net in the first half. Liverpool lead 2-1
         Entering the second half, Sporting came to the same goal as 53 minutes. Bruno Fernandez got the ball dropped into the penalty area on the left side before pulling the flow to Wendell to catch one shot before going into 2-2.
Liverpool almost brought up again. Trent Alexander Arnold opened the corner to Fergil van Dyke.
         Arrived at the 70th minute. Sporting almost got the goal, as well, Rafinha had shot in the frame, but was caught by Zim Zimele.
         On the 82nd minute, the Red Devils scored a strong attack for the goal goal, Ryan Kent paid the ball to Adam Lallana in a shot in the ball. With Napoli on July 28, while Sporting Lisbon met Valencia on July 28 as well.

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